Today :  
+ CROWNS & BRIDGES- Fixed and Removable

+ ENDODONTIC THERAPY (root canals)

Dr.Padgett is a strong advocate of incorporating dental implants and current esthetic concepts into his treatment planning. This enables his patients to enjoy the benefits of beautiful fixed dental restorations that might not otherwise be possible with some patients.

In the past, one of the most difficult challenges in dentistry has been to provide patients who have suffered periodontal disease and partial tooth loss with natural looking fixed type restorations. That has all changes now due to the ease and use of dental implants.

By incorporating dental implants in our treatment we can give our patients back beautiful teeth that are fixed in the mouth and look and feel like natural teeth that will give them back the beauty and confidence they have wanted for so long.

We are able to do this better and faster than ever before while keeping the patient comfortable through the entire process.

Titanium Implant

Completed result

Teeth in an hour :
(Guided implant placement)

The latest in implant restorative dentistry is the merging of several technologies that result in improved patient comfort, decreased treatment time, and increased predictability of the outcome.

By combining CT Scan imaging of the facial structures along with CAD CAM technology with Implant technology, it is now possible for a patient to go to sleep with no teeth in the dental office and wake up with a full set of teeth in one visit.

Using CT Scanning along with the new technique of Guided Implant Placement, we are able to place implants using a minimal invasive procedure where it is not necessary to cut the gums to expose the bone to place the implants. This results in minimal post operative discomfort and healing for the patient.

Incorporating CAD CAM technology, we are able to prefabricate either a temporary or final prosthesis that can also be inserted during the initial procedure or shortly after which we refer to as immediate loading of the prosthesis.

The concept involves using the latest computer software that lets us combine a CT Scan of a patient along with a CT Scan of the final prosthetic design we work up with the patient and then merging the two together to then use CAD CAM to premake the surgical guide for the implant placement and also premake a temporary or final prosthesis that duplicates our design. This is all done prior to the placement of the implants. We are then able to complete all of the surgical and prosthetic procedures in one visit.

In the past, the first surgical procedure involved cutting the gums and reflecting it away from the bone to determine where the ideal placement would be. The gums were then sewed back up over the implants and it was necessary to wait anywhere from four



to twelve months until the bone adequately healed into the implant. It was then necessary to cut open the gums again to expose the implant. This was referred to as the second surgical phase of exposing the implant. After this, the restorative phase would begin which could take anywhere from two to twelve months depending on the complexity of the restorations being fabricated.

Now we are able to place the implants and expose them in one procedure. We also have the option of restoring the implants much faster by using the technique called immediate loading.

Merging these procedures are providing patients with restorative options that are more comfortable, faster, and more predictable than ever before.

Crown / bridge & veneers: for beautiful smile
Many times patients have had dental work done a little at a time over the course of their life. As a result we frequently see teeth with different colors and shapes that result in a less than desirable smile or look. Quite frequently we also see some of the dental restorations failing and nearby teeth in need of restorations.

By looking at the big picture
and evaluating all of the teeth that contribute to a patients smile and look, we can give the patient back their original beautiful youthful smile that they once had or would like. We do this by evaluating all of the
  teeth involved with a patients smile, then create a diagnostic model of the patient’s teeth and make the appropriate changes on the model with wax to simulate the final result and goal. We then choose the appropriate materials to make these changes. By using the latest porcelain technologies along with our old world artisans we are able to provide our patients with the most beautiful life like teeth possible.

Value Denture
Dr. Padgett now offers an affordable fast 'Value Denture'. In response to seeing an increased demand for a lower cost treatment option with a full denture we have developed a package with our laboratory that uses less costly materials without compromising quality along with
fabricating the denture with less appointments as opposed to our other custom esthetic denture which uses imported materials and takes more appointments to fabricate.

Which ever option you choose, you benefit from Dr. Padgett's knowledge, skill, expertise and experience resulting in a good fitting denture that you the patient can function with.


Smile makeover & Wrinkle remover:
A smile makeover also known as a smile rejuvenation is easily done today and can change your total appearance in a very short time. Due to Wear over time along with periodontal disease and or having piecemeal dentistry performed a little at a time, your smile and facial esthetics can severely suffer to the point that you feel self conscious about smiling and cover your mouth when you smile.

By improving the periodontal structures and reshaping teeth and replacing old dental restorations and correctly shaping and positioning teeth which provide support for the lips and cheeks we can restore your smile to that beautiful youthful look that you never thought possible.

The process starts with a consultation with the doctor so that the patient can express their concerns and desires. This enables the doctor and patient to decide together what options can be used and the results that can be achieved to give the patient the look they desire.

Some of the options we consider today are tooth reshaping to even out the smile and create a more symmetrical look. We may replace old crowns where the metal underneath has been exposed due to the change in gum tissue with new type full porcelain crowns where there is no metal underneath. We also may include porcelain veneers as an option to change a contour or color of some teeth to obtain the desired result. We also look at the gum tissue and determine if any improvement in gum tissue is necessary to obtain that balanced symmetrical youthful appearance. All this is done today painlessly and in a short amount of time.





The final contribution is yours, just your right look and statement. The end result being your highly customized dental esthetics that provide you with the esthetics and function and comfort that you desire.

Many times we will take impressions of the patients teeth and make a set of study models. We then perform out changes on the models in wax and then meet again to evaluate the models and discuss the resulting changes to determine if our goals are met.

Once we agree on the course of treatment, this then becomes out blueprint for our course of action. We then have a goal to work towards and the actual work begins.

Then by combining our procedures and efforts done in the office, along with the unique cooperation of our skilled laboratory technicians, we are able to create your new beautiful look.


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